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To headrest or not to headrest


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For many office workers, the office chair is the most important piece of furniture. Office chairs are the most used pieces of furniture and they support the entire body throughout the workday.

Every office chair has a seat and back, but headrests are not common. Not every person requires a headrest for optimal ergonomics, but they can improve your comfort for day-to-day tasks.

The purpose of a headrest is fairly self-evident – support the head. Support may be necessary while performing simple and repetitive tasks where the head barely moves. Long periods of typing or reading are prime moments to lean the head back onto the headrest.

Headrests are also useful for moments of relaxation, including phone calls or just leaning back for a little break.

While headrests can be helpful throughout the workday, they are designed to not be used all the time. In fact, most computer or desk work is performed in a position where the head should not be touching the headrest.

Headrests can be an ergonomic addition for a chair, but poor fitting headrests can cause more harm than good. The key is to find a chair that is properly fitted for your body size. Chairs with non-adjustable headrests are only good for users of a particular size, usually within a height range of just a few inches. Even adjustable headrests may not be good for users that are on the shorter or taller end.

The best way to ensure an office chair is the proper size is to simply test it out. Choice Office Furniture carries a selection of office chairs for users of all sizes. Visit the showroom and talk to our furniture specialists to find a chair that is perfectly suited to your body and your needs.

Choice carries office chairs with adjustable headrests, such as the Freedom Headrest by Humanscale. This office chair is designed to fit many sizes of users, including users ranging in height from 5’ to 6’4”. The headrest is adjustable up to 5 inches.

The Managers Chair by Office Star Products also has an adjustable headrest. With a breathable mesh back and pneumatic seat adjustments, this office chair is the standard for comfort and style. 

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