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Planning for growth in a start-up business

Start Up Business

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For many start-up businesses, office furniture is low on the priority list. Many other tasks – from finding customers to delivering products – come as a bigger priority when taking a leap and starting a small company. Office furniture doesn’t have to be a big burden, though. Here are a few tips to keep your start-up office functional and ready to grow at any time.

The first key is creating an office that is an ideal environment for all employees to get work done. Like in any workplace, considering the needs of all employees is vital. Every employee is different and has a different style of work, so uniform furniture throughout the office may not be the optimal option. Choose desks, chairs and storage pieces that match the individual styles of the employees – look for function over style.

Choice Office Furniture’s used office furniture is a perfect option for small businesses seeking furniture that meets the needs of their employees. The selection of furniture is vast, ranging in form and style. When your office needs one additional desk or ten, our used furniture can match your needs without a huge investment. Search online for used chairs, used desks or all our current used inventory.

When considering the personality and overall style of the office, invest in furniture for reception areas or meeting rooms to make positive impressions with clients. Occasional and meeting tables can act as multipurpose tables – the spot for meeting clients, an additional workstation or a table for a staff lunch. The Domo Meeting Table by Arcadia is a multifunctional table with a casual style but can is formal enough for meeting with all guests.

Starting a new business comes with some risk, but it also can have a big reward. For successful start-ups, the next steps include growing in number of employees and moving to a bigger office. The timeline for this process varies with every business – some start-ups may transition in a few years and others in a few months. You can plan for a flexible office upgrade by renting furniture. This keeps furniture costs to a regular expense and allows for easy upgrades whenever the timing is right. Read more about why renting can make sense for your business.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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