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An office’s size is not the determining factor of its productivity. Effective space planning can transform any size and shape of workplace into an efficient and welcoming office. Give a good consideration to the space’s layout and flow. Whether you are moving into a new space or reconsidering a current office, space planning can maximize the productivity of the given square footage. Consider the following factors:

1) Is the office space functional for all workers? Small offices do not have the luxury of too many common areas or extra workstations. Be sure all workers can complete their job in comfort and privacy.

2) Does the office space take use of modern technology? With remote data connections, it is possible for workers to get work down from anywhere in the office. A modern office needs to have accessible power throughout the office. Wireless connections to printers, photocopiers and scanners can allow for these devices to be located in underutilized spaces.

3) Does your office furniture serve more than one function? Single-use furniture is great if that item is used often. However, these pieces of furniture can take up valuable space if they are infrequently used. Does your boardroom table sit empty most days? Then consider getting a few mobile task tables that can be combined for big meetings or separated into smaller gathering tables or workstations. The Flex Series of modular tables by Heartwood Manufacturing is a great example of a multi-purpose table.

4) Does your office furniture match the specific needs of your business? Custom furniture is a great option for small offices. Choice’s expert craftsmen can create custom furniture that fits perfectly in a small space and is designed for your office’s unique flow.

An extra pair of eyes can be valuable when planning a new office or reconfiguring an existing workspace. Choice is happy to help plan the perfect space, no matter the size of the office. Our office space designers use CAD software to create digital renderings to bring potential plans to life. We have worked in both tiny and massive offices and can offer expert advice to best use your available space.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


​DeskMakers 3 person workstation, 21' x 6' x 51" tall panels with glass divider, each station has box/file ped and 54" desktop hutch - Tenino Grey/Regal White(assembly…

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