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High Density Storage

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Storage furniture is vital in keeping offices and workplaces functional and clutter free. The most common options for storage are cabinets and bookcases, but dedicated high-density storage options can keep documents, inventory and more in the right place. Choice Office Furniture has both new and used storage options at the office furniture showroom in Calgary. Stop by to see the current used inventory or talk to an office space planner to find the best options for your workplace, no matter the size.

High-density storage is common in libraries and doctor’s offices – places where an enormous number of books and documents need to be organized and accessible. Although most offices and workplaces have more use for cloud storage than physical storage, high-density storage furniture is an excellent opportunity to free up space and make storage more reachable.

The first step to adding storage is using existing space to its full potential. That means adding shelving or cabinets to areas that are underused, such as corners. The e*LAN Corner Shelf by Mayline is a racking system that is designed for IT storage. While it is a perfect shelf to store extra monitors, computers and equipment, the corner shelf can be used to make any corner of a workplace functional. Use the e*LAN as an extra workstation or as a document filing area.

To hide documents in a cabinet, try the Flip-N-File Cabinets by Mayline. These lateral cabinets are designed to hold 120 lbs. of documents per shelf, all while keeping the files right at hand through spring-assisted doors.

Also by Mayline, Mobile Lite is a series of cabinets on heavy-duty aluminum tracks. By rotating the handles on the ends of the cabinets, the cabinets can be moved across the room with ease. This eliminates fixed storage aisles and allows more cabinets in a smaller space. The open shelves can hold inventory, supplies and documents – up to 240 lbs. per shelf.

For serious high-density storage, the Mobile 1000 by Mayline is the bigger cousin of the Mobile Lite series. It has been used in many types of workplaces including retail backrooms, document warehouses and even criminal evidence storage facilities. The Mobile 1000 series is more than functional. It comes in a variety of finishes and colours, and the Mobile 1000 line of accessories includes bins, baskets, hooks and other specialized storage segments.

If you are looking for a single shelf or an entire series, visit Choice to see the array of modern storage options.

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