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With the rise of remote connections, it is no surprise more and more workers are taking their work home. In Canada, one in five university graduate employees now work from home. As technology continues to become more remote, it will be no surprise if that figure rises.

Working from home means a few unique luxuries, like wearing pajamas all day. But telecommuting doesn't have to mean an uncomfortable desk and chair. No matter where your office is, investing in quality and ergonomic furniture reduces strain and improves productivity.

The first place to start is with your chair. A task chair is where you will spend most of your time and it is the biggest factor in comfort and ergonomic health.

To support your back while not breaking the bank, check out the Novo task chair by SitOnIt Seating. It comes in a range of funky colours and offers exceptional support. The Novo chair is both affordable and high quality. It was awarded the Gold Award at the 2016 Neocon because of its comfort, quality, support and customizability.

If you are looking for a chair on a budget, Choice carries many styles and types of quality used chairs. The task chairs come in a variety of sizes - all of which are affordable and have been inspected. You can view our used chairs online or visit the used office furniture showroom in Calgary to see the latest inventory.

After a chair, the next important piece of furniture is a quality desk. If you prefer function over form, the Express Height Adjustable Table is a sit/stand desk by Trendway that is clean and simple. Powered by two hidden motors, the desk can be raised and lowered with ease. The desktop is laminate and comes in a variety of finishes and colours to match the design of your home office.

If you are looking for a desk with more storage, Trendway also manufactures the Pack Desk. This series has a variety of desks, bookcases and storage options, and it has over 80 choices for laminates. It is easy to expand the desk system if you come to a point where you need more storage.

Don't let working from home stop you from having a comfortable workspace. Choice carries affordable new and used office furniture that will look beautiful in your home and keep you healthy and productive.

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