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New Year, New Office: Design trends for 2017

Office Trends

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An office revamp is much more than a fresh coat of paint and new furniture. It completely changes your office's workflow and enhances productivity. This new year, bring some changes into your workplace and see the benefits in your workers' output and the bottom line. How’s

Here are some office design trends to try out in your workplace.

As technology is the backbone of modern businesses, office furniture should support and enhance computers, smartphones, displays and other peripherals. Simplified data and power connections let users focus on their tasks instead of finding connections. No matter what device they are using, power and data should always be within reach.

The Capture desk system by Trendway is a simple and modern workspace and storage system that can come in many arrangements and styles. Although it has a basic form, the desk system excels in function. Power and data connections can easily be adjusted and placed either above or below the desk. The connections remain out of sight but are always nearby when needed.

With more technology comes more cables. Modern office design trends have emphasized clean and simplistic styles, where cables are always hidden. Cable management systems can keep your office free of clutter while maintaining easy access to power and data. Choice offers a variety of cable management systems and accessories, whether you are looking to hide the cables from a single workstation or an entire office.

Keeping up to modern design trends doesn't mean you need to buy new furniture every year. Investing in smart and adjustable furniture keeps your office's workflow optimized and style fresh.

The Crew Benching Furniture system by Links is a great example of an adaptable furniture system. Desks can be used alone or connected into larger workstations. All the furniture can be rearranged with ease, letting your furniture change with your office's style and size. This furniture set can match the needs of today and tomorrow.

Another design trend is bringing life and vibrancy into the office. A simple splash of colour goes a long way into improving the brightness and life of a workplace. Adding colour is easy - you don't need to paint or a big investment. For example, bold chairs go a long way. The Vintage chair seating series by OFGO fits in reception areas, lounges or as soft seating in offices. With bold patterns and colours, these chairs give a little extra splash of colour in any office.

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