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Manufacturer spotlight: SitOnIt Seating

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Chairs may just be a seat supported by legs, but SitOnIt Seating views chairs as something more special. As necessary parts of workplaces, SitOnIt designs and manufactures chairs that balance comfort and striking styles.

Since 1996, SitOnIt Seating has been creating chairs for offices, schools, medical facilities and other institutions. They currently manufacture many types of task, desk and multipurpose chairs. The California-based company is known for its quality chairs, extensive range of colours and customization options, and a speedy turnaround time for custom chairs.

The chairs come in modern and traditional styles. SitOnIt offers a range of textile and colour options, including polypropylene, vinyl, leather and many styles of fabrics.

SitOnIt's dedication to sustainability are woven into all parts of their chair design and manufacturing processes. Chairs are designed for their entire life - from purchase to disposal - to have a minimal impact on the environment. The chairs can be disassembled so malfunctioning parts can be replaced instead of tossing out entire chairs, and SitOnIt offers a take-back program where they recycle chairs that have reached their end of life.

Choice Office Furniture is proud to carry SitOnIt chairs. If you're looking for one chair or enough to fill your workplace, visit our Calgary office furniture showroom to test out these chairs for yourself. Whether you are looking for new or used SitOnIt chairs, view our online inventory of SitOnIt chairs and come to the store to see the current selection. Here are a few of our favourite SitOnIt products:

The SitOnIt On Call series are great multipurpose chairs. They are light, durable, stackable and come in all sorts of colours. Whether for day-to-day use or just as a backup, the On Call series fits in any type of workplace.

With excellent support in a sleek form, the Amplify seriesis suitable for workstations to boardrooms. Even the stitching can be customized in this series of chairs, ensuring all the small details match the style of your workplace.

To view more SitOnIt products, come by the Choice new and used furniture showroom in Calgary. We can help you find the perfect SitOnIt chairs.

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