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Modern flooring is not just the stuff below your feet. It is the support for all your furniture, equipment and technology, and architectural flooring is a seamless and sleek approach to make your workplace more productive and functional.

Architectural flooring is a smart option for businesses, institutions and other facilities that require innovative and dynamic flooring. It can be easily customized to any size and type of space, and the incorporated housing for cables and connections is the perfect balance between technological function and beauty.

All workplaces are different and have different needs for flooring type, colour and style. No matter if you are looking for flooring for one room or an entire workplace, Choice Office Furniture can help you find the best fit. Our team of designers will match your needs to the right kind of flooring.

A line of flooring that we carry is the Trendway TrendWall Floor system. Using a series of interlocking flooring pieces and panels, the TrendWall Floor system can be completely customized with integrated data and power connections. The flooring is raised by 2.5”, making it easy for anyone to lay and arrange cables - for either just one power connection or an entire network of cables.

Whether for a big renovation or a small office rearrangement, TrendWall Flooring can be reconfigured by just pulling up the tiles. Data and power ports can be moved to where needed. This integrated system is excellent for all types of buildings, including new buildings, renovations or incorporating into your current space.

The TrendWall Floor system fits seamlessly with the Trendway TrendWall moveable walls. Just like the floor system, the moveable walls are easy to add, remove and rearrange. TrendWall comes in a variety of colours and styles, even clear walls for an open but private office. Together this innovative flooring and wall systems lets offices truly adapt to changes in workflow, style or number of employees. As your business changes, so can your workplace.

Contact Choice anytime to learn more about our innovative flooring options. Or come visit our showroom to talk with our staff about the best floor for your workplace.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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