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Traditional desk chairs are common in offices for good reason, but they are far from the only chair option available. Modern chair styles blend style and ergonomics in some far from conventional designs. Here are three office chairs to add comfort and spice to your office.

Inspired by an exercise ball, the Ballo by Humanscale is an office-ready chair that merges fun with function. Ballo is like an exercise ball that has been cut in half, and the two ends are supported with a sturdy white plastic support. The stools offer the posture benefits of an exercise ball, but with improved mobility and support. Humanscale recommends these stools for meeting rooms, collaboration workstations, temporary seating or even for lounges and cafeterias.

With a built-in handle, it is easy to move Ballo to wherever it is needed. The air pump accessory allows the chair to be pumped up to a desired pressure, and the small stools can support up to 300 pounds. The chairs come in seven colours, ranging from traditional black to fun yellow. Test out these unique stools at Choice Office Furniture's showroom in Calgary.

Even multipurpose chairs can be stylish and ergonomic. The HON Smartlink is a classic classroom chair, but it is a great fit in all sorts of rooms. Made from durable polypropylene, these colourful chairs have been designed to be comfortable for hours of sitting. A range of accessories and sizes make these chairs great for kids and adults alike.

Smartlink chair are stackable and light, making them ideal for temporary seating. And with bright and fun colours, Smartlink aren't just chairs but vibrant accents in any office.

Also by Humanscale, the Saddle and Pony stools use a unique wavy design to encourage a healthy posture. Although these stools don't have a back, they excel in comfort. Saddle and Pony feature adjustable height, a range of fabric types and colours for the seat, and an optional footbar can keep feet up and the stools rolling.

Find all these chairs and more at the Choice Office Furniture showroom in Calgary.

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