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Four accessories every office needs

Office Accessories

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Office accessories may not be noticed as much as desks and chairs, but they go a long way to improving an office's comfort and productivity.

Technology is important in an office. And with technology comes lots of cables. Whether for power, data or security, desks can quickly become cluttered with cables. Cable management accessories can keep desks clean and the floor clear from tripping hazards. Also, raising cables off the floor make it easier to clean under and around desks.

The NeatLinks cable management system by Humanscale can work in many office spaces, including in cubicles, offices or conference rooms. Using a series of channels, NeatLinks can guide cables from end-to-end, no matter the desk configuration. NeatLinks are easy to install using mounting tape or a few screws. After installation, cables can be kept out of sight by still easy to access.

Also by Humanscale, the NeatTech system uses mesh and Velcro holsters for cables. This lightweight system can be customized to workstations and can support up to 10 lbs of cables, power supplies and more. Both NeatTech and NeatLinks work great for sit-stand desks, ensuring cables are contained by free to move when the desk's height is adjusted.

Lighting is a simple accessory to add, but it goes a long way in improving work comfort. Keeping workstations properly lit reduces eye strain. Task lights don't just have to be functional accessories, they can be stylish accents on any type of desk.

The Horizon light by Humanscale is a LED light that is slender and fully adjustable. Its sleek design can match any office décor, and it is so stylish it is used by the Museum of Modern Art.

Although mostly hidden underneath desks, footrests are vital office accessories that improve sitting comfort. Many types also rock back-and-forth, helping relieve pressure by giving legs a bit of movement.

The FM500 footrest by Humanscale offers foot and body relief in a stylish design. The wood and metal footrest often sits under a desk, but its sleek style may make you want to showcase the footrest as an art piece.

And speaking of art, adding splashes of colour and creativity make office environments ripe for innovation and collaboration. Choice supports local artists from the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society. Choose the latest local art to give your office extra inspiration.

For more essential office accessories, visit our Calgary new and used furniture showroom.

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