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Future of whiteboards

Future of Whiteboards

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

Unlike the name, modern whiteboards are more than just white boards. They are elegant solutions to brainstorming, organizing and sharing ideas. Choice Office Furniture has many types of whiteboards in the Calgary showroom, suitable for schools, homes, offices and more.

Whiteboards are the newer version of chalkboards. Instead of dusty, whiteboards are clean and are easy to erase. Chalkboards are known to leave dust on clothing and hands. There have even been health risks identified from the chalk dust.

Early versions of whiteboards date back to the late 1950s. Ever since the mid-1990s, whiteboards have been used in classrooms all around the world and chalkboard use has drastically fallen.

With the rise of mobile computers, projectors and screens, whiteboards have adapted to continue to be vital in organizing and sharing ideas. In addition, whiteboard design has become elegant and stylish and can fit into all types of rooms and offices.

The variety of whiteboards that Choice carries shows the future of whiteboards.

In the past, whiteboards have a tendency to show streaks and smudges after years of use. Modern whiteboards erase with ease and are very difficult to stain. The Float series by Clarus Glassboards give a clean look in any room and will not blemish. They come in many colours and sizes, all the way up to 10 feet long.

Whiteboards can be mobile and not stuck to a single wall. The Go! series by Clarus Glassboards lets ideas be easily moved on its four wheels. With over 150 colours available, these mobile whiteboards are an elegant solution in any office. If a single whiteboard isn't enough, the Go! boards can easily be lined up or nested when not in use.

Printing technologies now allow whiteboards to have custom designs right on them. A permanent logo shows customers and clients you are proud of your ideas. If the whiteboard is used for the same purpose over and over again, permanent lines make reuse simple. A great example of this is the Healthboard by Clarus Glassboards. Using permanent printed graphics, this whiteboard can be fully customized into any layout or design. And with colour matching and custom colours, the Healthboard can fit seamlessly into a hospital, office, school or any workplace.

To view modern whiteboards for yourself, feel free to come visit the Choice Calgary new and used furniture showroom.

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