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Open Office Design

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Offices are ever-changing. As such, they are infamously challenging to design.

Open-office designs are not only excellent for collaboration, but the lack of permanent walls makes it easy to adjust the layout at any time. If the current office design doesn't work, workspaces and desks can be moved across the office with ease. If there is a big addition of workers, adding news desks in an existing arrangement is not a problem.

Here are some practical tips to make the most out of an open-office design. If you have any questions specific to your office, Choice Office Furniture's space planning experts can guide your arrangement and design the best office.

Every worker is different so it is important to design an office that features areas for collaboration and areas for quiet work. Open offices work best when there is a mixture of spaces, ranging from group work areas to individual desks. A great option for temporary privacy are privacy dividers. These movable walls can be set up to create quiet work areas in the morning, and then pushed aside in a minute to promote group collaboration. Privacy dividers also come in more permanent forms, such as the Glide by Loftwall. These walls are easy to install and can be moved if a big office shakeup is required.

Modular desks are full-feature desks that look good on their own or in groups. They can be moved with ease around an office, and sit seamlessly beside each other. The P720 by Links Contract Furniture are durable desks with many storage and shelf options. When lined up, they create shared islands suitable for employees working on the same project. Or privacy dividers can be added to block some noise.

For even a more open feeling, benching furniture systems are a great solution. They remain extremely customizable and movable, and benching systems can work in offices of any size. The Crew Benching System is a cost-effective series of furniture that can be used for individual desks or groups of many workstations. The power and cable management system holds all cables out of sight, while keeping the ends easily accessible.

Choice Office Furniture has a showroom in Calgary where you can view a variety of furniture systems perfect for open offices. Or contact us for more information on our office planning services.

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