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Using school furniture out of the classroom

School Furniture

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From durable chairs to multi-use tables, educational furniture is a great choice for both in and out of the classroom.

Choice Office Furniture carries a large line of school furniture, including chairs, classroom tables and height adjustable tables, whiteboards and privacy dividers. All of our classroom furniture products are made out of durable materials and ready to withstand the daily tests of a modern classroom. Many of our educational products come in bright colours, which add extra brightness and fun.

School furniture is perfect for a classroom, but that is not its only use. Educational furniture makes excellent multi-use furniture for homes, offices and more.

Modern classroom chairs are far from uncomfortable and boring. They are functional and elegant, and they can match the styles in a casual workspace to a formal meeting room. Classroom chairs are excellent to use as backup seating, especially since they are often designed to easily stack and store.

The OnCall classroom seating series by SitOnIt Seating come in 17 plastic colours and over 1,000 textile options. The low-profile stacking cart can stack and move 25 chairs at once, and the chairs can be outfitted with wheels, armrests and raised legs.

Educational tables come in simple styles but have unique features that make them useful in many scenarios.

The Flip-N-Go tables by Mayline come in a variety of shapes, including standard rectangles and trapezoids. With just one hand, the table's top can be flipped up or down. They are designed to be easily moved and nested with each other for compact storage. If your workplace requires multi-use tables for workstations, meetings, workshops or more, the Flip-N-Go tables can suit all those needs.

Whiteboards are as ubiquitous to a classroom as pencils and textbooks. They also are excellent for organizing plans, ideas or thoughts in a workplace.

Clarus Glassboards is taking the whiteboard well out of the classroom. One of their products, Depth, does not stain, is magnetic and is the perfect spot to shine a projector on. The whiteboards can be easily mounted on most wall surfaces and custom coatings or logos are simple to add.

As the school year begins this month, come visit the Choice showroom for more ideas on using the best educational furniture in your home or office.

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