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Renting office furniture can make “cents”

Renting Office Furniture

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Furniture is vital for an office. But that doesn't mean businesses need to own their furniture.

Renting office furniture has many benefits for offices, no matter if your business has one employee or hundreds. It can make sense for many reasons, from the bottom line to employees' morale.

Purchasing furniture can be a large capital expense. Chairs, desks, tables and seating are all necessary, but it can be a burden for businesses to purchase all at once (especially for small or new businesses). Renting turns a large one-time expense into manageable regular rates. This approach can free up capital to invest into the business, which is particularly useful for small businesses.

Proper furniture is important. An efficient and well-designed office drastically improves productivity and flow. Renting furniture provides options to quickly change furniture, making sure the arrangement is always optimal.

Purchasing office furniture requires long-term planning, but renting offers flexibility. If a special project requires more employees for a short period of time, renting extra desks and chairs is simple. If there is an abrupt office renovation or move, renting allows for fast office arrangement changes. If there is a summer intern around for just a few months, getting one extra desk is not a problem.

Rental furniture may conjure thoughts of worn-out desks and old chairs. That is no longer the case. In fact, it is the opposite. Renting furniture gives you the option to have modern pieces, designed to be both functional and beautiful. And as your office evolves and changes, rental furniture can easily be updated to match.

Employees work best when their surroundings are inspiring and well-designed. Rental furniture is one approach to keep up with your employee's work styles to ensure they are happy and productive.

Choice Office Furniture offers rental furniture for both short and long-term, and we make sure our rental services are customized to your specific needs. Whether you are moving an office, setting up a new space or looking into ways to save money, Choice has options for your office. We offer a variety of rental furniture that can match your office requirements and style.

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