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Best way to use a sit-stand desk

Sit Stand Desk

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The main centrepiece in ergonomic office furniture is the sit-stand desk. Also called a height-adjustable desk, this special desk is capable of being raised to different heights.

Sit-stand desks offer many benefits. Adding standing into a work routine changes posture and gives the body a rest from sitting. It also adds some activity and can revitalize weary workers. Long periods of sitting have been linked to increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Simply regularly standing while working can help reduce all these risks.

Here are some tips to get the most out of a height-adjustable desk.

1. Put the computer monitor at eye level: Make sure the desk is at the proper height for what you are using it for. Looking down at a computer screen or a hunched back is not ideal. Whether you are sitting or standing, make sure the screen is at a height where you are looking straight at it and not putting any strain on your neck.

2. Desk height is at (or slightly below) elbow height: No matter if you are standing or sitting, the desk should be at or a bit below elbow height. If it is too high or too low, your arms, wrists and hand endure additional strain.

3. Move around throughout the day: Although standing for long periods may be better than sitting for a long time, the body is made to move. Be sure to add walks and stretches into your daily routine.

Choice Office Furniture carries a variety of height-adjustable desks in a range of styles and prices. The Apollo by Heartwood is desk that can be raised to many different heights, which comes in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The Quickstand by Humanscale has a centre bar that allows the monitor and keyboard/mouse to be raised or lowered independently, ensuring everything is at the perfect height when standing or sitting.

Also by Humanscale, the Quickstand Lite is a minimalistic accessory that easily allows a computer monitor and keyboard tray to be raised to the perfect height or easily moved to the side to free up desk space.

Come visit the Choice Office Furniture showroom in Calgary to view more styles of sit-stand desks.

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