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Bring summer into the office

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Summer is a bright, fresh and uplifting time of year.

Although offices are indoor environments, they can use the best features of summer to create invigorating work areas. From furniture to art, even simple additions or changes to an office can add warmth and excitement.

Try giving your office a summer facelift by adding new furniture. With Choice Office Furniture's large selection of used furniture, even small furniture budgets can go a long way. Come visit our Calgary showroom to find the perfect desks, chairs, table, storage units and more to bring a new vibe into the office.

Office furniture doesn't need to be grey, drab and boring. Colourful chairs, tables and desks add a fresh atmosphere. Whether for staff lounges or reception areas, bright chairs and couches leave positive impressions on employees and guests. OFGO creates many lines of playful furniture with bright colours. The Vintage line of soft seating brings a retro look into the office through bold colours in a functional design.

New desks can also add fresh colours. The Modular Desk System by Links come in a range of bold colours, from bright greens to rich reds. Links' fabrics come in colours including “Zest” and “Sprout” - the perfect palettes to match summer.

Art adds value to any room in an office, from boardrooms to hallways. Choice partners with the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society to support local artists and offer our customers with the best in modern and stylish pieces. Feel free to visit our showroom to view the latest art pieces or view sample pieces on our website.

To get a furniture update without buying furniture, fix up any broken or outdated furniture pieces. Choice's professional repair technicians can take broken furniture and make it working. Or try adding a new look by reupholstering old chairs or couches. A fun design will bring the joys of summer into the office.

Even small gestures can have a big benefit. Bring the outdoors into the office with a bouquet of wildflowers or a bowl of fresh fruit. Small additions of colour go a long way to make the office an inviting workspace.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


​DeskMakers 3 person workstation, 21' x 6' x 51" tall panels with glass divider, each station has box/file ped and 54" desktop hutch - Tenino Grey/Regal White(assembly…

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