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Creating adaptive offices with mobile furniture

Mobile Furniture

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

Gone are the days of static walls.

Modern offices need to be responsive and adapt to changes in number of employees and working styles. And change happens fast. Not over weeks or days, but over hours or a lunch.

Mobile furniture offers unlimited options. Movable walls, desks, chairs and workstations can change location in seconds, meaning workers can go seamlessly from a group brainstorm session to focused work without any hassle. And all in the same space.

Not only is mobile furniture highly customizable, but many pieces are also friendly to furniture budgets. Since many pieces are made to do more than one task, mobile furniture makes sense for the bottom line.

Here are a few popular pieces of mobile furniture. And feel free to check our more movable furniture items in our furniture showroom in Calgary.

Training tables are the essence of functionality. Whether for meetings, workshops or individual workstations, training tables can be used throughout the day. Tucana by Heartwood are elegant training tables, but are extremely versatile and can be collapsed for fast storage. They can quickly transition from boardroom tables to workstations, and then be put away when not needed.

Moveable dividers create two spaces out of one. The Wavewall by Loftwall is a privacy divider far from boring. Made from waving panels, it is designed to visually divide spaces but retain airflow. The panels come in three widths and a variety of colours, and the modern design truly blends function and style.

From casual lounging to focused office work, one chair can do many jobs. The Novo line by Sitonit Seating is a playful series that works in boardrooms, meeting areas or behind a desk. With its five wheels, the chairs can be quickly moved to wherever they are needed.

Meetings can happen anywhere. Mobile whiteboards can be quickly moved from one room to another, transporting ideas with them. Choice carries the Mobi by Loftwall, a small mobile whiteboard. When not in use, mobile whiteboards make quick privacy dividers.

Visit the Choice showroom in Calgary to view both new and used furniture options to make your office adaptive with mobile furniture solutions.

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