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Tips for better office moves

Office moving

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As companies grow, shrink or evolve, office moves are a natural part of a business' life.

Moving is never a simple task. And moving an entire office is a special challenge. Companies do not have the convenience of closing down for long moves, so all the steps - from packing to moving to setting back up - must be coordinated to minimize downtime.

The following tips can help prepare your business to have a quick and simple move, and ensure your staff are back at their job as soon as possible.

Tip 1: Assess current furniture before move

Moving can be a daunting task, but it is also an opportunity to go through all current office furniture. It is the perfect time to upgrade old chairs, desks and more. Choice Office Furniture carries a large line of both new and used products, with products that can fit any budget or style.

Tip 2: Coordinate the installation of new furniture

If you are getting new furniture for your new office, coordinate the installation with your move-in date so the furniture is set up and ready when the boxes arrive. If you get your furniture at Choice, we will make sure the installation schedule works for you.

Tip 3: Store what is not currently needed

Prepare for an office move by putting any non-essential furniture, files or accessories into storage before the moving date. This saves moving the stuff on the busy moving day, and it places priority on the essential pieces of furniture so they are quickly set up in the new office. Choice offers both short and long-term storage options to match the needs of your move.

Tip 4: Not moving to a permanent office, try renting furniture

If the move is only temporary, renting furniture is the answer. Choice offers hassle-free rental options that are customized to your specific timeline and needs.

Tip 5: Let Choice lend a hand

For first-time office move coordinators, this task can be extremely daunting. Choice is experienced at managing office moves, for both large and small businesses. We will make sure all the details - from start to finish - are managed so your business can get back to work as quick as possible. Learn more about our office move services.

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