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Economic ergonomics: Simple ways to improve office ergonomics


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A comfortable working environment not only improves productivity, but also long-term health.

Broadly speaking, ergonomics is the science of fitting a job to a worker. Ergonomics in an office setting relates to proper furniture and accessories that minimize the potential harms of repetitive tasks, awkward postures or sitting for long periods of time.

An office overhaul to improve ergonomics does not have to mean replace all furniture. Small accessories can go a long way to make an office healthy and productive.

Under desks, footrests help support and relieve stress on the lower body. Footrests elevate legs and encourage healthy stretching. Most footrests can be adjusted to the most ideal angle and height, and the FM500 by Humanscale does more by encouraging the user to rock the footrest while elevating their legs.

A keyboard and mouse is the main way office workers interact with their computers. The proper height and positioning relieves strain on the entire body, from neck to wrists. Choice Office Furniture carries the Keyboard Systems by Humanscale, a highly adjustable keyboard and mouse holder that is designed to minimize carpal tunnel syndrome.

Neck soreness is one of the most common ergonomic issues in the office. Staring at a computer screen at the same height can lead to stiff necks and back pain. The M2 monitor arm by Humanscale is an elegant but simple solution to neck issues. With an articulating arm, the height and position of the screen are quickly adjustable. In addition, the sleek design fits into any modern office style.

Although often overlooked, eye strain is another ergonomic issue. This problem has a simple fix. Task lights brighten a workspace, allowing workers to complete their jobs without straining their eyes. The Element Disc by Humanscale is a small light but packs a punch of brightness. The LED light has seven levels of brightness and even an occupancy sensor that shuts off the lamp when the user leaves the room.

Simple accessories go a long way to improve office ergonomics. Check out our entire range of ergonomic products, or visit our Calgary showroom to learn more about making your office a more comfortable place to work.

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