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Encouraging teamwork with office furniture


Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

Modern workplaces are hubs for collaboration and teamwork. Flexible office furniture- from workspaces to meeting rooms - creates environments that foster creativity, cooperation and innovation. Choosing furniture solutions that promote teamwork is an vital step to improving productivity.

Choice Office Furniture has new and used office furniture that boosts teamwork. We also offer office space planning for offices in Calgary, Edmonton, throughout Alberta and beyond.

To encourage teamwork in the office, choose furniture that meets more than one purpose. Mobile tables can be used as workstations in the morning, and then they can be quickly transformed into a venue for an interactive workshop. With the option to fold up, many office tables offer convenience and flexibility without taking up space when not in use.

Choice carries a variety of flexible table options. The Tucana Training Tables quickly fold up and nest together for easy storage. They look elegant enough for a boardroom, but are versatile and adaptable.

Whiteboards offer a place to brainstorm and organize ideas for groups of any size. From wall-mounted to portable whiteboards, Choice carries a variety of whiteboards in many styles. Glassboards, such as Go! by Clarus feature an elegant writing surface (that even work with permanent markers) and come in a range of colours to match the style of your office.

In the digital world, it is important to have flexible options to share presentations and media. Mobile presentation solutions can be moved into any corner of the office and quickly go from one meeting to another. Choice carries the Mobile Media Center by Mayline a simple but adjustable mobile media center.

Office noise varies throughout the day and employees all differ in their needs for a quiet or louder workspace. Partitions are an ideal way to manage noise to meet your employees' individual wishes. Far from beige and bulky panels, modern partitions are flexible and fun. Flex by Loftwall is a lightweight partition that is carried by Choice. The customizable fabric panels feature superior noise control and the partitions can be easily moved throughout the office.

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