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The Home Office: Create the Perfect Work Environment at Home

The Home Office: Create the Perfect Work Environment at Home

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Working in the wrong environment can be really stressful. If you're sitting in a cramped or cluttered space with bad lighting and working off a small desk with no space for your items, it can leave you feeling disorganized and uncomfortable.

Not to mention, if you associate your designated work area with negative feelings like stress, it will make an impact on your motivation and the quality of work you get done.

Scrap that mental image. Let's let some light in with some tips on how to create a wonderful and stimulating work environment.

Tip 1: Get started with a desk

You need a desk - and not just any desk. You need a desk that reflects the kind of work you want to get done. If you work from home on for instance, digital media content, writing, film or sound work, you'll want a desk that can hold your main desktop computer, that will have some space for another laptop, possibly some speakers, and then storage for all your files and extra accessories.

That sounds like a lot of stuff that could make a room messy pretty quickly. Have no fear.

Durable and affordable, The U-Station is a featured product of ours that would be perfect for this scenario. With its width, it gives you lots of surface space, a hutch to store extra supplies, and can be custom designed to fit any additional needs.

Tip 2: Think about seating

Every desk needs an accompanying chair as well. Do you tend sit for very long periods of time hunched over and hacking away at your computer?

Your chair should support you from the morning scramble to the much-needed 15-min break. The Freedom Headrest by HumanScale is an adaptable chair that redefines the age-old office chair.

Described by the New York Times as “the gold standard in office seating” the Freedom Headrest is known for helping to relieve back tension and to increase good posture. It will also add a touch of colour to the room.

What more could you ask for out of a chair?

Tip 3: Use Room Accents

Put up a painting with colours that you find calming or invigorating. Add plants, trinkets, and small items to personalize your space. It will make a huge difference to the energy of the room

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