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The Therapist’s Office: How to Make your Office Look Inviting

The Therapist’s Office: How to Make your Office Look Inviting

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

Imagine you are a practicing clinical therapist and you are opening up your own private practice for the first time. You've been working in and out of other clinics and medical facilities but now you want to focus on your individual patients. You need to create a space for yourself to work out of - a place that is comfortable, inviting, and warm for your patients and for yourself.

How would you go about it?

Here are some tips from Choice Office Furniture.

Studies have shown that the room in which the counsellor operates can influence their relationship with the patient, and it can also have an effect on session outcomes.

Tip: Keep the room as bright and as spacious as possible and choose furniture items that will enhance the space in the room.

The therapist's office is the environment which will surround the patient in distress who has come to seek help. As such, it's important that the space is conducive to an atmosphere of openness, safety and trust. The therapist's goal is to have their patients open up in a way they may not get to in their day-to-day lives.

Tip: Make the room as comfortable as possible - comfortable seating should be a priority, especially since sessions can last up to two hours.

We recommend the Aynsley lounge chair - it has a beautiful design and it is known as being “comfortable to its soul.” We love the added feature of the small retractable table. This would be great in a therapist's office as patients often like to take notes and write important details down.

Tip: Use art and colour to your advantage to lock in this sense of warmth and safety.

Hanging artwork pieces such as this Airdrie art piece by Darlene Moore will increase the feeling of warmth in the room.

Finally, every therapist's office also needs a coffee table in its decor. We encourage you to look into functional furniture pieces like this stunning Meta Occasional Table that infuses artful geometric designs into a beautiful flat table.

There are many ways to create a therapeutic setting in your office, and Choice Office Furniture has the right pieces for you to implement into your unique design ideas.

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