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Using Sustainable Design to Re-imagine the Traditional Classroom

Using Sustainable Design to Re-imagine the Traditional Classroom

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It's important that educators put a lot of thought into the design and set-up of their classrooms and lecture halls. The learning environment is conducive to how much learning happens - right from the arrangement of the tables and desks to the lighting in the classroom. Gone are the days of traditional classroom settings.

Establishing a Comfortable and Creative Environment

Establishing a creative environment that is also comfortable aids the fluidity of thoughts, and small and simple changes can go a long way.

Adjustable desks and tables are some of the first pieces of furniture that come to mind when thinking of design solutions for the classroom. The Flex Series by Heartwood Manufacturing is a series of modular tables that are both affordable and versatile. They are perfect in the academic setting because they are spacious and can be repositioned easily in the classroom. The Float Glassboard by Clarus is also a great addition to any classroom, allowing a high degree of versatility with its customization options and easy dry erase functionality.

Recent studies show that positioning students in a large circle or horseshoe creates a sense of inclusiveness and encourages group thinking as it increases eye contact. It allows each student to have their own workspace, but also enables them to engage with their fellow classmates all while allowing their teacher to provide positive mentorship.

During testing, these desks can be pulled apart to encourage focus on individual work. It's a great way to use the classroom as a collective space!

Huddle by Hon is perfect for study hall or quiet individual work in the classroom or at the school library.

The bright, colorful chairs and spacious multi-space tables are inviting and feature built-in outlets for laptop work. It's a great addition to any classroom that uses media-based curriculums and also fosters a similar group work mentality.

Having a designated space to have a moment to breathe, pick up a book, or to find some solitude away from the rest of the class is also important aspect that is being adopted into the modern class. It especially benefits students who have learning disabilities.

A privacy divider could be a great way to section off a part of the classroom and create a little nook. And the Spot Mobile Bench by Arcadia Contract is by far one of the most unique products that you could include in your nook. It features a small mobile bench and desk that can be wheeled around into any area of the classroom.

Sustainable design solutions are part of the new and growing trends of the modern classroom. If students feel comfortable in their environment, they'll be comfortable to learn and grow into themselves.

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