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3 Trends for the Office of the Future

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The office of the future is going to cater to employees. Are you ready for it?

When most people think of the word office, they might think of the standard variations of cubicles, desks and chairs that have now become a cliché. That's not the case here at Choice Office Furniture, however. We are always on the cutting edge of the latest office trends that are re-shaping people's workspaces. We are part of a growing movement that is taking offices into the future with bold new ideas. These 3 new office trends are going to change not just where you work, but how you work too. Is your business ready for them?

No more cubicles. Only spaces.

Wide open spaces are going to be the norm and not the exception very soon. The cubicles of yesterday are being tossed aside, and new, open-concept offices with unassigned seats are the wave of the future. The future office will be more of a lounge space with trendy, modern furniture rather than a place where people sit alone inside walled-off spaces and type away. Want to sit at the table? Sure. Want to relax at the counter by the fireplace? Even better!

Casual furniture

Old-school companies might still want fancy couches, oak boardroom tables, and paintings of the company's founders around the workspace, but modern, tech-driven companies are more casual than they ever have been in their office space. Giants like Google, Skype, and Facebook are revolutionizing the way we think of offices. Their offices feature more bean bags, flat screen TVs, and colorful furniture designs than ever before. Nobody who works there ever dreads going into the office.

More team space

Single-worker spaces are being replaced by collaborative spaces, and office furniture suppliers like Choice Office Furniture are helping companies get more and more team-oriented furniture into their workplaces. We are supplying more oval shaped desks, more round couches, and more height-adjustable tables for standing meetings. We are designing offices less for individual workers, and more for teams of collaborators. Instead of single desks, we are seeing more meeting rooms. Instead of cubicles, we are designing more open plans. This new office trend will be the norm before you know it.

We are here to help businesses maximize their efficiency and productivity, as well as help their employees enjoy being at work. That means helping with teams, individuality, and enjoyment in the workplace. These 3 new office trends are just a few of the concepts that are going to be ubiquitous in just a few short years, and we are here to help you get ahead of the curve.

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