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Storage in the Office

Storage in the Office

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When it comes to office storage, it's important to get it right. Choosing the right storage solution can save you a world of confusion and exasperation, not to mention loss of business.

Before you make any decisions, you should first write a list of what your storage needs are and what impression you would like to make. Do you have a lot of items in paper sizes which are not standard? Do you have books that should be displayed in order to give the client the right impression? Do you have many confidential documents that need to be kept discreetly for a long period of time?

As these questions show, each business has unique storage needs. Determining what these needs are will help you select the right storage solution for your business.

Some of our storage solutions:

BookcasesThis Links Bookcase is the perfect classic backdrop to an office or a reception space. As functional as it is aesthetic, it maximizes the potential of a room by utilizing the corners and creating storage that does not have to be hidden. 

Lateral Files

This Plan Files cabinet by Mayline is perfect for any architectural, engineering, or design firm. With room at the top for display books, these shelves provide easy access to large plans.

ShelvingFor your large file storage needs, try Mobile 1000 by Mayline. Our high-density mobile storage solutions are the same type used by your local university library. Designed for heavy storage needs, these mobile solutions are easy to use and practical for long term storage needs.

Storage /CabinetsThis amazing Mailflow-To-Go shelf is perfect for inter-office communication. Instead of dropping off papers and mail to each individual desk, now you can have a cubby hole for everyone! You'll love how much more efficient this system is for your office.

Vertical Files

This vertical files solution is ideal for individual storage space. Make sure that every employee has one near their desk for their individual storage needs and personal filing system. The wheels mean that this filing cabinet can be easily moved to a different location if needed.

These are only some of our amazing storage solutions. We have many more in store, and also offer custom storage options. Call us today to describe your storage needs and get an individualized recommendation! 

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