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​Designing a Reception Area

​Designing a Reception Area

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

Many people underestimate the importance of a well-designed reception area. We all know that first impressions are incredibly important, so it stands to reason that a reception space that is professional, soothing, and welcoming should be one of the most important aims of office planning.

At Choice Office Furniture, we fully understand the importance of reception spaces. We carry many different styles and options to suit the unique demands of an office reception.

Reception Area Musts

The Desk

A large, welcoming yet official desk is an absolute must. Not only does your receptionist need a place to perform their duties, but the desk must become an instinctive place of inquiry. Clients don't like to guess which person they should approach first, and a receptionist desk is the perfect way to eliminate their confusion.

One of our favorite reception desks from our collection is the Outlines Reception Panel System.

reception desk

We love this style because of the sophistication of the classic wood, the privacy offered by the frosted glass, and the professional quality suggested by the raised partition. Not to mention the amount of storage space that is available!


reception chairs

Sometimes you are going to need to keep your clients waiting. That's just an unfortunate reality. But to assuage their feelings, why not keep them comfortable and happy? We love our Clipse Lounge Collection because they are comfortable and also easy to move around. This is perfect for when you want to change up your reception area occasionally. They also come with little mini-desks that allow your client to work or read as they wait.

Other Details

Once you have the big items in place, it's the small things that will stand out to your clients. Here are some of the things we suggest to make your client feel valued:

  • Don't forget to add artwork. Artwork makes you look more professional and detail-oriented.
  • Always have some form of current reading material on hand.
  • If you expect kids to be in your office, include a small play area.
  • A small beverage station (such as a water cooler or the option to have coffee or tea) can go a long way to making your guests feel appreciated.

With these simple tips for furnishing your office, we know that your clients are going to love coming back! 

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