DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation

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Preparing for a Presentation? We Can Help You Take it to the Next Level

Preparing for a Presentation? We Can Help You Take it to the Next Level

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

Whether it's a presentation for your latest idea, a regular monthly meeting, or a communal space to leave notes, messages, and tips, Choice Office Furniture has your needs covered. If you want something with a little more colour and aesthetic appeal than just a whiteboard, or you want something else a little more high tech, we have the best solutions and supplies for your next presentation.

Glass Whiteboards

For a hands-on presentation medium as simple and tactile as writing on a piece of paper, a glass whiteboard is a very good option. Our Clarus glass whiteboards come in multiple colours and lend an air of style, brightness, and ingenuity to anything that is written on them. They also come with a ‘Spots and Dots' pattern that can help you write and draw diagrams on a grid, so if your handwriting is not as level as it could be, you can have some subtle guidelines to go by when you are getting your ideas up to be seen. Glass whiteboards are more ridged than regular whiteboards and will not warp or bend over a long period of time

Mobile Media Centre

Sometimes you just need a big, good looking screen to show your ideas or your information in its best light. The Mobile Media Center by Mayline is an excellent, high definition screen with perfect clarity that can be moved about to whichever room you need it in. If you have your data in a graph, a slideshow, or any other form of electronic display, having a mobile media centre can really help you make a good impression.

Domo Meeting Table

It's nice to be able to sit down in person with everyone you need to meet with. However, things are not always that simple. The Domo Meeting Table is a furniture piece that allows you and the people physically present for the meeting to include whoever else is connecting to the meeting via the internet. The placement of the monitor above the desk allows it to feel like they are sitting at the table with you, when in reality they could be on the other side of the world.

Let us help ensure you are prepared for your next presentation with our unique high-quality pieces. It will be the decision you'll make when it comes to getting your point across.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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