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Art: The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Office Decor

Art: The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Office Decor

Posted on by Choice Office Furniture.

The furniture has arrived. You have the perfect desk, chair, bookshelf. But something is missing - what is it?

Sometimes it is the aesthetic that ties a room together rather than the functional. In a room full of functional furniture, you will notice the perfect blue rug or the intriguing painting. A carefully chosen décor choice can bring your room together and help you cultivate a sophisticated, polished appearance for your clients. At Choice Office Furniture, we are dedicated to helping local artists get more exposure, which is why we carry several art pieces from local artists who belong to the Airdrie Artist Society.

Here are some things to consider when choosing art for your office:


Heavy Rains

Artwork can influence mood and emotion. This is something to consider if you work in a health or education setting. If you work in a dentist's office, perhaps you would like to consider something in blue, a color that is known to be calming. Heavy Rains by Mary Frost would be an excellent choice to sooth your clients.

Figure 1: Heavy Rains


Molton Metal

Consider your choice of art with your clients' in mind. While you may enjoy a certain type of aesthetic at home, that doesn't necessarily mean that the aesthetic will translate well to an office or work environment. This is why abstract or landscape pieces are particularly great choices for a reception or office environment. Check out our Molten Metal piece by Mary Frost as an example of a piece that brings energy and vibrancy to a room but will not offend or disarm your clients.


The Mayans

Do you find that your office or reception is a bit drab or neutral? A good, fast way to bring some energy and excitement into the room is with a well-chosen painting. The best part is that you can actually refresh the room and give the appearance of a whole remodel just by changing the painting that you hang. If you need a change or burst of energy, choose a new painting - it will be as effective as a new coat of paint. Consider this piece, The Mayans by Mary Frost. The intensity of this piece alone can potentially move your room from drab to exciting!

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