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The Importance of Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability in the workplace

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We all have one planet to live on - and that is a fact. We share this world with billions of different species, not to mention billions of different human beings. By making the right choices with your office furniture, you can make that crucial difference in taking steps towards saving the planet.


Even with a lot of work and content being done on digital platforms these days, most office spaces still use a lot of paper. You can cut down on both costs and waste by using blank printer paper that is already recycled, and when you have documents you no longer need, further recycling those printed papers. Luckily, Calgary also accepts shredded paper tied up in a plastic bag, so even documents and other paper that has gone through the shredder can be safely recycled, vastly reducing the carbon footprint of your business.


Even the choice of the very office furniture you use can affect your impact on the environment. When choosing what materials to deck out your office with, be sure to find furniture that uses recycled materials by a manufacturer that has taken low emission measures. Many of the manufacturers carried by Choice Office Furniture are cleared as being sustainable both in their manufacturing and the composition of their furniture. If you get your furniture from an eco-friendly manufacturer, you can breathe easier knowing you are not contributing to the environment deteriorating.

With all the damage that so many industries have done to the planet, it is the least a business owner can do to ensure their company puts as little stress as possible on the environment. These days, with modern methods of recycling and manufacturing, it is easy to lessen your business's carbon footprint.

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DeskMakers 3 Person Workstation


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