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Choice supports a local artist group from Airdrie, Alberta. We believe in supporting independent and local artists - what they can supply to our community can be of great value. Come and visit the showroom and check out the artwork displayed. Our artwork can beautifully accent any home or office space, and won't break the bank. From cool, watery washes of tones to fiery gradients of colour and everything in between, we have artwork that can suit every décor, colour scheme, and style preference. Be both inspired and motivated with these beautiful, locally-sourced paintings for your office space. The Airdrie Regional ARTS Society in Airdrie, Alberta (just outside Calgary) supplies us with their best prints and original works. They give us better options for corporate office art than we ever thought possible. From their group, we have collected the best art pieces for an office environment in one easy place on our website for you to choose from. We have brought together paintings that are as beautiful as they are soothing. You can evoke any sort of feeling you want by picking and choosing the perfect combination of paintings for your office, hallway, boardroom, or common area. Choice Office Furniture is your one stop shop for all the things you need in your office, from desks to art pieces, from the practical side to the human and intellectual side.

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