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Our collection of ergonomic options and accessories allow you to optimise your office space to the best it can be. We have gathered information on various products that help to make office work healthier and more comfortable for long periods of time, and collected them here for you to browse through. CPU Holders Whether you need your CPU tower to be mobile, suspended, or protected, we have the CPU accessory for you. Depending on the layout of your desk and the space that desk is in, we can help you secure your CPU to the bottom of your desk, the side of a wood panel, the underside of your shelf, or even on a wheeled dolly so moving your CPU isn’t a hassle. Foot Rests To keep yourself healthy while you work, a footrest can help keep your blood circulating in your lower legs. These comfortable platforms pivot and rock gently to help to stimulate the muscles in your ankles and calves. Foot rests are excellent office additions that work to keep you healthy and feeling good. Keyboard Trays However you like to type – or if you want to save your desk space for other tasks – we can help you find keyboard holding alternatives that are perfect for you. Monitor Arms Our monitor arms have real, hands-on flexibility in their design that allows them to be installed and pivot to wherever you need them to display. Sit/Stand You can be part of the innovation of an office by deciding how you work day to day – sitting or standing? Investing in a stand up desk can help your blood circulation, muscle tone, and even brain functions while you work. Take a look at what we have on hand to help you evolve in your work. Task Lighting Light up your life with specialized task lighting. These flexible and adjustable lamps allow you to get the perfect amount of light shed on your work and your desk. Other We have an excellent collection of assorted accessories and additions to workspaces. From new seating to an ergonomic computer mouse, we have what you need. 

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