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The classroom does not have to be a dull-looking place! Our furniture options for educational spaces are cutting edge, stylish, comfortable, and well-made. With seating, tables, and presentation tools from Choice Office Furniture, the classroom can become a bright, welcoming place optimized for learning and instructing. Classroom Seating These are not your old-school chair and desk combinations from secondary school. Our seating options are stackable, easy to store, and last long under regular use. Each different style of seating is designed to keep their occupant alert yet comfortable throughout the day. No matter what your seating needs are, we have the options for you. Classroom Tables We have tables for the classroom that are easy to move, adjust, store, and, of course, work at. Whatever your needs for your educational environment may be, we have sturdy, stylish tables for teachers and students alike. Height Adjustable Tables Not all classes are taught sitting down. Our height adjustable tables are perfect for adapting to the seating (or standing) preferences of anyone who uses them. Bring an element of adaptability and ingenuity to your classroom with these adaptable and well-made tables. Privacy dividers Any good library has a space to study. With barriers, panels, and privacy dividers from Choice Office Furniture, you can make your study spaces as quiet and private as an open space can be. Whiteboards Lay your curriculum our clearly for all to see with our whiteboard, glassboard and presentation options. Our whiteboards come in many colours, designs, and sizes so that your classroom can feature the best presentation solution available.

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