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Dividers for privacy, function and fun


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Modern dividers are far from just a boring movable wall. They can be thoughtfully positioned to improve connection between employees and create dynamic workspaces that adapt to changing needs – all while creating spaces for concentration. Dividers are a modest investment into a more productive and elegant workplace.

Portable dividers are the solution to optimize any office. For open offices – which are becoming more common – dividers are a temporary wall to create areas for focus and concentration. And in seconds, they can be moved to open up spaces that are perfect for collaboration.

For any size office, dividers can fit into the style, culture and workflow. Modern dividers are created with sound-absorbing materials so they are sound blocking, and they can keep distractions out of sight. They are cost effective solutions for promoting effective work practices. Here are some of our favourite dividers we carry in our Calgary new and used office showroom.

The WEBwall by LOFTwall is a unique approach to dividing space without blocking natural light. With an elegant yet funky design, the WEBwall is both a functional and eye-catching piece of furniture. The panels are made from an interlocking aluminum frame and they can be linked to create longer partitions. These dividers can be described as “functional art” – a fitting but uncommon description for office furniture.

For a more traditional divider, the FRAMEwall comes in a variety of colours and styles. This style of divider is also by LOFTwall and it is the answer for functional freestanding walls with an elegant, streamlined aesthetic. With translucent and opaque panel options, the walls can be a visual divider or allow natural light to pass through. The FRAMEwall can also be interlocked to create larger yet movable walls.

Dividers don’t just need to sit on the floor; they can be an accent for the ceiling too. Also by LOFTwall, the Sky series can be suspended from the ceiling to block unsightly mechanical parts while letting light pass right through. With custom configurations available, Sky can be installed to add architectural brilliance with seamless integration into your workplace.

For more information on the range of dividers available at Choice Office Furniture, view our selection of dividers online or come by the Calgary showroom to see them for yourself.

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M/Connect Docking Station

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