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Think Outside the Cubicle: Take Your Workspace in New directions

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Gone are the days of the grey ‘filing cabinet' feeling and décor in professional offices. The space in which you and your employees work should be a welcoming one, with open spaces and just the right amount of colour -and it is easy to make that happen with the right furniture.

The trends in designing an office space today are bright and futuristic ones, like open concepts, use of colour, and new uses of space add up to a fresh, modern environment conducive to doing great work - and being happy in one's work as well. Here are some great and innovative ideas to inject life and productive energy into your workspaces.

Benching Systems

From the broader, let's-think-big spaces of the office to individual workstations, there are always innovations to be made. By using certain benching systems like the Crew Benching by Links, you can simultaneously keep workspaces separate with a modicum of privacy without sacrificing the open-space concept of the office.

Privacy Dividers

One of the most efficient ways to change any number of spaces from open to private is to invest in privacy dividers, but it is also important not to let the office feel snubbed by the change in space. The right kind of architectural privacy barriers, placed strategically, can turn a wide open space into individual meeting spaces, reception areas, and even corporate and educational settings without making the office feel as if it is broken up into sequestered pods. Loftwall provides many options for privacy dividers in a wide array of styles, colors and materials.

The workplace is a great opportunity to explore spacing and design innovations and to help make your own business stand out amongst the rest. In terms of trends these days, a different approach to design is more appealing and tells your potential clients that you have a fresh and unique way of conducting your business.

Playing with shapes

It’s hip not to be square. Infuse originality and inventiveness into your office with…

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